Soap 101

Take care of your soap & it will last much longer!

1. Goat milk soaps can be enjoyed for longer use if placed onto a raised soap dish that allows the bar to dry quickly between uses. They also benefit from the use of a bath scrubby or loofah sponge.

2. I use a cold process to produce the goat milk soaps. Occasionally a white sheen called soda ash appears along the surface after curing  due to temperatures while drying. This sheen is harmless and washes away after the first use allowing the bar’s natural character to shine through.

3. Each soap batch is hand-crafted, hand-cut into bars, and cured for 2 to 6 weeks in several sizes. Weights for bar size are approximate and measured at the time of cutting.

4. Each bar is unique and may show slight variations in visual character than the item photos shown.